Today many insurance companies are requesting that  as well as your annual service your range ducting extraction systems are cleaned regularly. Grease deposits in extract ventilation systems present fire hazards and must be removed for compliance with the fire safety order.

Ductwork cleaning and Flue Cleaning is vitally important for the cleanliness, hygiene and overall efficiency of your kitchen. Clean ductworks ensure better overall health and safety. It provides you with piece of mind that you are following legal requirements, ensures kitchen air is free of odour, and reduces risks of fire.

Gas Electric Services Ltd have invested in the equipment to carry out this work. We provide duct cleaning for commercial properties including: Fish & Chip Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, and Schools etc…

You can be rest assured we provide reliable, efficient, safe and certified cleaning services. All services are carried out with full legal and health and safety compliance. Ductwork cleaning will be carried out with the minimum of disruption and using the latest hygiene methods, in accordance with industry standards.

We offer a 24 hour duct cleaning and flue cleaning service.